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The Robotics Industry


Robotics Industry Components: Automated programmable machines capable of moving along at least two axes perform numerous tasks today in a variety of industries. Rely on Bunty LLC’s excellent contract manufacturing services to help you develop and produce superb robotic components.


A Brief Overview of The Robotics Industry

Automated machines perform industrial and manufacturing assignments in facilities around the world. These programmable devices occur in a diverse variety of shapes and sizes. Robots typically move along at least two axes, and some (but not all) possess artificial intelligence.

The robot density around the world is on the rise – currently, the global average is 74 units per 10,000 employees, with Europe leading with 99 units, the United States following with 84 units and Asia being at 63 units. The work of these machines ranges from cutting and assembling metal parts to completing product testing and transporting finished products onto palettes. The trend of using automated devices is on a steady rise and bound to continue.


Top Quality Robotics Industry Components

Our robotics industry customers request a variety of services from Bunty LLC. Rely on us to help your enterprise design, develop and perfect metal parts for automated programmable machines intended for use in a variety of settings. Consider some of the most in-demand services, materials, and components we offer:


Bunty LLC supplies key services sought by successful robotics industry manufacturers. This assistance includes prototype design services, testing and quality control, contract parts production, and finishing services. We assist customers throughout the whole process or just the part that they require.

1. Prototype Design

Bunty LLC offers exceptional prototype design services to assist customers. We aid companies in the robotics industry during the process of designing and building component prototypes and working models. Use our expertise to help your enterprise create lines of custom OEM parts. We also offer assistance with reverse engineering and the manufacturing of custom tools. Whether you seek to create brands of innovative drones, or you’d like assistance designing a prototype for cost-efficient specialized CNC industrial robots, rely on our superb manufacturing and testing facilities. We offer consultations concerning the availability of metals and metal alloys. Use our services to select production materials displaying specific properties, such as improved corrosion resistance. We assist with the evaluation and testing of these components, also. Obtain rapid 24/7 prototyping services upon request.

2. Testing and Quality Control

In order to produce components for the high tech robotics industry, modern manufacturers must engage in robust product testing and quality control operations. These measures help ensure the production of components meeting required part specifications. Would your production facility benefit from assistance in this area? Consider delegating this responsibility to our mobile quality control inspection teams. We also consult with firms seeking to establish more effective in-house manufacturing testing and quality control departments. Rely on our services to help your robotics company achieve leaner, more agile, and more cost-effective manufacturing processes.

3. Custom Metal Parts Manufacturing

We provide assistance tooling customer plants to help generate production runs of specific metal parts in specified quantities. Our company also frequently performs custom manufacturing at our facilities in the United States and  overseas. We welcome the opportunity to supply custom contract manufacturing services to help generate robotic components for use in diverse settings. Whether your goal centers around creating a self-driving vehicle, a drone, or an industrial manufacturing robot, you’ll appreciate our excellent contract manufacturing capabilities. Customers welcome the tailored services we offer and the quality parts we produce for enterprises of variable sizes.

4. Finishing

Do you require assistance finishing custom metal parts in order to achieve particular surface properties, such as enhanced water resistance or improved electrical conductivity? Depend on Bunty LLC’s superb production processes to help you generate custom parts for a wide array of different robots.



Today the disparate demands of unique production settings sometimes require robots with a variety of capabilities. Not every robot suits all manufacturing environments, for example. Count on Bunty LLC’s team of innovative engineers and metallurgists to help you create custom metal or composite components for your robots. Whether you require heavy, strong steels or lightweight materials, we’ll work closely with you to select the best metals and metal alloys for your next project.


Manufactured Components

What types of manufactured parts do robotics industry companies request from Bunty LLC? We offer the capability to help our customers produce many types of custom metal components.

Some examples include:

  • Springs
  • Gears
  • Shafts
  • Motor cases
  • Wires
  • Bushings
  • Fasteners
  • Levers
  • Lightweight metal panels and casings


Processes Used in Custom Robotics Parts Manufacturing

The robotics industry today employs a wide assortment of industrial parts, depending upon the objectives of the designers. Many of these components also serve in other industrial mechanical and electronic assemblies. Consequently, identifying specific processes of interest during the creation of custom robotics parts sometimes depends largely upon the anticipated uses for the robot.

Widespread processes utilized during robotic manufacturing today include the casting of high quality, complex custom metal components. Bunty LLC excels in this endeavor. We also offer excellent product testing and quality control services to help ensure tailored components meet specific customer parameters. Our commitment to assisting customers in obtaining detailed, sophisticated cast metal parts and components contributes to our popularity as a contract manufacturer for the robotics industry.


Why Customers Select Bunty LLC

Have you searched for a company to assist you in designing and producing robotic components and their replacement parts? Customers designate Bunty LLC as their preferred custom manufacturer for every aspect of robotics industry parts design and development for several reasons.

  1. We offer superior materials and processes, supported by the skills of an experienced staff of specialists and certified professionals.
  2. Our personnel, facilities, and resources enable us to furnish attention to detail.
  3. We supply top quality metal components for the robotics industry at highly competitive rates.

Enjoy time and money savings by utilizing our cost-efficient production processes and excellent quality control services.



For further information about robotics parts and components, contact us directly via the convenient website form or request a quote here. We welcome your inquiries.

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