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The Energy Industry


This industrial sector enjoys a high demand for strong, durable metal parts capable of withstanding corrosion and harsh environmental conditions. From drilling equipment to pipes and storage tanks, heat treated metal components play important roles in this industry. Rely on Bunty LLC’s superb manufacturing facilities and personnel.


The Energy Industry Today: An Overview

The global energy industry encompasses a diverse array of companies. It includes any enterprise engaging in the production of energy or the manufacture of energy extraction, generation, or refining equipment! When energy companies seek innovative contract manufacturing partners to help design and produce essential custom components they turn to Bunty LLC. Use our customized cast, forged, machined, and plated parts.

We offer services of interest to companies engaged in oil and gas exploration, production, and refining. We also serve the coal industry, the nuclear power industry, and sustainable green industries: solar power, wind power, and geothermal power firms.


Manufacturing Top Quality Parts For The Energy Industry

The design and contract manufacturing team at Bunty LLC works closely with customers to create customized parts for use within the diverse energy industry. Many components relied upon by companies in this field require manufacturing within tight tolerance ranges. Sometimes harsh environments quickly damage essential components unless manufacturers employ sophisticated heat and surface treatments and finishing coatings to create corrosion resistant, durable parts.

Our Services

We offer a complete range of services: we assist in producing and testing prototypes, and mass producing specific components. We offer consultations, perform reverse engineering and parts redesign. We consult with enterprises seeking to manage inventories to ensure the availability of critical spare and replacement parts. With production facilities in the United States and internationally, our robust design and manufacturing capabilities assist energy industry firms of every size.

We’ll help your enterprise select the best alloys to use to create durable parts for specific environments. We offer assistance in designing and producing tooling components. Rely upon our quality control and testing services to help you ensure the production of parts within tolerances meeting your specifications.

As a contract manufacturer, we furnish production services for customized casting, forging, and machining. Delegate part (or all) of your manufacturing processes to us. Our capabilities include knowledgeable materials selection, casting, forging, machining, surface and heat treatment operations, tooling and fabrication. Today contract manufacturing performs an increasingly important role in many energy-related fields. Companies rely on Bunty LLC’s robust capabilities to help them meet the needs of this highly competitive marketplace.


Commonly Used Metals in Energy Industry

Of course, the diversity of the energy industry today requires a comprehensive knowledge of available metals and metal alloys for parts manufacturing purposes. Some customers extract oil and gas in hot tropical environments; others maintain field operations in Arctic regions; others may require tools capable of withstanding a variety of climatic and weather conditions. We work with most widely utilized commercially available metals and metal alloys, including steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, titanium, copper, and brass.

Does your company need assistance designing a component for an offshore rig capable of performing reliably in a harsh maritime setting? Or perhaps you’d like assistance designing prototypes for components in windmills or solar power collectors utilized on a 24/7/365 basis? Do you seek strong components for use in a nuclear power generating facility or a coal mining operation? We represent an excellent resource due to our versatility and extensive experience serving a variety of different energy industry customers.


Manufactured Components For The Energy Industry

Just like their constituent materials, the metal parts required by energy industry companies today represent a truly diverse universe. We address the design and manufacturing specifications of every part on a case by case basis, ensuring we furnish the specialized assistance our customers require. From drill bits and turbine blades to the precision electronic components used in electrical plants and nuclear power facilities, we’ll help you manufacture the individual parts you need as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

Customers benefit from our expertise in the production of prototypes and customized parts. For example, we can assist you in developing proprietary products and tools for your brands. We offer assistance in creating custom components tailored to meet customer needs.


Processes Utilized in Creation of Custom Parts for the Energy Industry 

Some components required by businesses operating in energy production must withstand harsh environmental conditions, corrosion, and/or heavy wear. Strong, high-quality parts produced within exacting tolerance ranges frequently enjoy high demand. Bunty LLC’s expert design team works closely with customers to produce tailored prototypes and parts satisfying unique specifications.

We excel as contract manufacturers serving companies within the energy industry. Consider just a few industrial processes we employ regularly on behalf of our customers:

Machining: The machining process enables a manufacturer to finish parts according to a manufacturer’s specifications. Whether you require surface treatments to enhance corrosion resistance or drilling, cutting, milling, or welding services, count on Bunty LLC!

Stamping: Manufacturers employ stamps and die to cut, bend or form material. We offer personalized assistance creating stamped mechanical parts within tight tolerance ranges.

Die Cutting: Machines used for die cutting shear a variety of materials, including foam, rubber, and foil. The die cutting process enables manufacturers to produce useful industrial tools, such as molds. Use our automated die cutting processes to help generate seals and other important components for your machinery.


Why Energy Companies Choose Bunty LLC

Ventures seeking an experienced contract manufacturer for the production of industrial parts appreciate the technological capabilities and excellent support supplied by Bunty LLC. We offer the skills of certified professionals. Rely on our excellent quality control services and cost-effective production processes to obtain components capable of withstanding harsh environments and heavy wear. Our consulting and contract manufacturing services help energy businesses save time and money.


For further information about energy parts and components, contact us directly via the convenient website form or request a quote here. We welcome your inquiries.

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From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina.

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