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Custom Forged Parts

Most OEMs lack the facilities to producing all of the parts they need; and this can be particularly true for parts that are best fabricated by forging. Forging brings with it a number of advantages, the primary one being that metal can be precisely shaped, and its grain flow controlled, to produce a part that is ductile, tough, and highly resistant to fatigue.

Forging is also a method of choice for parts that are too large to be fabricated by the other manufacturing methods.

Since the forging process can readily be combined with machining, shape and tolerance requirements are generally limited only by the creative skills of the designers and the manufacturing workforce.

For certain types of parts, forging can be an extremely cost effective fabricating method, since less initial material is required to produce a given part, and there is minimal waste as compared to parts fabrication practices involving subtraction by cutting. Machining costs tend to be reduced as well, and parts rejection rates approach zero, as compared to welded and joint parts that have less structural integrity. Forged parts are also stronger than castings.

Forging is an excellent method for producing large, one-of-a-kind, or limited-production parts.



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From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina.

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