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Custom Steel Forgings



Steel forgings are used in a large number of different industries where forged iron can’t deliver a comparable level of high strength and extended wear. These are generally industries that make use of components that need to be able to withstand heavy daily use, such as military, marine, naval, chemical, shipping, petrochemical, food processing, power generation, construction, automotive, and general engineering.



Steel is forged by applying high levels of mechanical and thermal energy directly to steel bars and ingots. The process begins by heating the metal in a furnace or oven at high temperatures in order to make it ductile and malleable. This process produces gradual changes in the shape of the billets.

Next, the manufacturer applies intense pressure to reform the steel permanently without permitting cracks to appear. This transformation produces a subtle modification in the conformation of the metal crystals, causing grain refinements. As a result, forged steel is strengthened and displays an enhanced ability to withstand impacts. The increase of strength occurs on three levels, namely on the level of tensile strength, compressive strength, and sheer strength. All of these qualities contribute to the ability of forged steel components to withstand heavy wear and tear:

Tensile strength: The ability to pull apart without rupturing under tension.

Compressive strength: The ability to compress together without breaking.

Shear strength: The ability to turn or deviate without breaking when a shearing force causes a rupture in some part of the material. This feature contributes to greater resilience.

Steel forging offers significant mechanical advantages, but because the nature of the forging process doesn’t allow the production of fine surface details, steel forgings usually have a simpler profile. They might also require secondary operations such as machining and the application of spray coatings to protect the surface of the metal from corrosion.



Forged steel components offer four key benefits: high strength, precision engineering, improved failure resistance, and uniformity.

High strength

Because of the subtle changes in the grain structure of steel, forged steel components display greater strength, tolerances, and reliability than cast or machined steel parts. Alteration of grain structure occurs as a result of the application of intense pressure and heat during the forging process. This helps to refine and densify steel so that metal displays better tensile strength, and also an enhanced resistance to impacts and scrapes.

Precision engineering

Steel forged parts adhere to very close tolerances. For this reason, they often comprise parts of mechanical assemblies.

Improved failure resistance

The process of creating forged steel helps strengthen the metal, causing forged steel components to display an enhanced ability to withstand sudden metal fatigue and weight-bearing load failures. The heating process during production helps remove internal gas pockets, bubbles and other cooling defects, enabling forged steel components to perform well in high stress or heavy load capacity situations.


A single batch of heated steel often permits the production of a large run of components, which is why forged steel parts often display a high level of uniformity with very limited variations in mechanical properties.


Why Choose Bbunty LLC?

Bunty LLC produces customized forged steel components suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Thanks to our extensive experience in forging and working with different steel grades, Bunty LLC can produce a wide range of components that will meet your exact specifications. This includes shafts, cylinders, flanges, sleeves, discs, seamless rolled rings and more.

Our manufacturing facilities enable us to offer a full range of steel forging and post-production services (heat treatment, machining, welding) in a single location. We use the latest forging technology and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver precision-engineered products manufactured to the tightest tolerances and in fast turnaround times.

In order to eliminate any internal impurities and flaws, as well as to ensure precision and repeatability of forged parts, Bunty LLC implements rigorous quality control measures during every stage of the production process. All our steel forgings undergo final inspection during which parts that are not within customer specifications are removed. This way our customers can be sure they are paying only for components they can use in their business operations.

Bunty LLC maintains a reputation for delivering first class steel forgings at highly competitive prices. Our affordable rates will assist your company in optimizing profit margins without sacrificing high product quality.



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