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Custom metal forgings

Creating thicker, harder metal grain structures. Create a variety of strong metal parts using this process!

Custom metal castings

Rely on BuntyLLC's expertise to assist you in tailoring this manufacturing process to your production needs.

Machining processes

We use a variety of machines to add desired features to metal components

Eliminate the uncertainty, keep the savings.

Custom made parts – qualified and stocked in Greenville, SC with an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified QMS.

Today, manufacturing represents a genuinely international activity. Competitive enterprises draw upon talent worldwide. From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina. 

With domestic and overseas manufacturing, warehousing and inspection facilities, we offer reliable, rapid, low cost production capabilities. You can rely upon our expertise in metal parts fabrication and our exceptional product knowledge and customer support. We’ve earned an outstanding reputation within our industry. Allow BuntyLLC to introduce your small business to global manufacturing environment!



We generate high-quality metal components. We work with a variety of metals and can supply both functional and purely decorative parts manufactured according to precise specifications. Our modern foundry allows us to create components ranging from simple to highly complex. We’ll generate parts you require manufactured according to your specifications.


We take pride in supplying customers with the highest possible level of service. Ask us to assist you in selecting appropriate metals, production and finishing techniques. We’ll manufacture parts rapidly at affordable prices. We’ll support you generously during every phase of production, offering vital technical consultation services you require to succeed.


Founded in 2000, Bunty LLC possesses 16 years of practical experience. Our flexible, highly adaptive business model gives us impressive production capacities coupled with reduced overhead and agility. We strive to furnish our customers with comprehensive business solutions which meet or exceed their needs.


We seek tailored solutions, based upon unique customer needs and requirements. Our robust production environment enables us to cater to a wide variety of individual business goals in a versatile, efficient way. We strive to furnish competitive prices, durability and superb quality.


Our modern facility permits us to fabricate metal parts as fast as possible while maintaining rigorous process control protocols. BuntyLLC can meet firm customer production deadlines using a streamlined manufacturing process. We specialize in producing an impressive variety of metals and manufacturing processes, including customized steel castings, forgings and extrusions and high quality brass forgings and copper forgings. We emphasize superb quality control at every stage of the production process while satisfying our customers’ exacting specifications.


Let our affordable prices help your company optimize profits without sacrificing excellent quality and on-time delivery. We assist customers from developing a prototype to mass production. BuntyLLC employs cutting-edge forging technologies. We facilitate rapid turnaround times. Our firm offers discounts for high volume orders. We supply parts for delivery within one to three days! Our impressive inventory of metal shapes enhances our production speed capabilities.

About BuntyLLC

BuntyLLC provides access to low cost countries (LCC) while maintaining high levels of quality, service and on time deliveries. We work with customers from prototype development all the way through full run production.

BuntyLLC brings global manufacturing to a small business environment!

Our clients

Custom Metal Forgings

Forgings display greater strength than castings because we shape, manipulate and compress an existing metal structure, creating thicker, harder metal grain structures. Create a variety of strong metal parts using this process!

Custom Metal Forgings: Use custom metal forging to shape an individual item into a desired form, much as a blacksmith in ancient times forged steel tools. BuntyLLC can forge unique items to satisfy customer specifications.

Closed Die Forgings: Closed die forgings will produce high volume metal parts without the requirement for extensive machining operations afterwards. BuntyLLC assists many manufacturers in producing economical parts in quantity using this popular manufacturing technique.

Brass Forgings and Copper Forgings: Create harder bronze and copper parts by using forging. If you require a sturdy yet more water-resistant surface, this manufacturing method offers value. BuntyLLC will assist you in generating the types of brass and copper forgings your enterprise requires.

Stainless Steel Forgings: The toughest stainless steel parts usually result from the forging process. Use our firm to create durable structural support parts and long-lasting components made from steel.

Magnesium Forgings: The forging process assists manufacturers in creating lighter weight hard metal products which may resist extreme environments. BuntyLLC can help you achieve your manufacturing goals in the production of high quality magnesium forgings, from drilling parts to aerospace components.

Custom Steel Forgings: Custom steel forgings enable manufacturers to create very hard, corrosion-resistant steel items. Whether you seek to produce door knobs or automotive parts, when you seek durable steel products and components, BuntyLLC’s forgings can provide the extra-hard tempered surfaces and compacted metal grain properties you prefer.

Aluminium Forgings: When you require harder aluminum metal parts, aluminum forging may provide a great solution. BuntyLLC will help you create durable yet lightweight metal components produced according to your specifications.