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Metals: Important for Industrial Fabrication

Choosing the best metal alloys for custom metal castings and metal forgings helps ensure the production of high-quality industrial components. The physical and chemical properties of the individual metal alloys contribute to their usefulness during fabrication. You can rely upon Bunty LLC’s expertise in assisting you select product materials.


Obtain High-Quality Custom Metal Castings and Forgings

Custom metal castings and forgings offer a dependable way to create highly tailored metal components. Bunty LLC offers both of these services for the benefit of our customers. Request metal casting or metal forging to help produce an array of useful products:

  • Metal Casting – During metal casting, a manufacturer pours molten metal into a temporary or permanent mold. The liquid material will assume a form determined by the shape of the mold as it solidifies. Metal casting allows manufacturers to create a wide variety of complex shapes, while accurately reproducing surface details.
  • Metal Forging – Metal forging involves the application of pressure to a hot or cold metal workpiece. Forging compresses surfaces, ultimately contributing to a more homogenous interior composition. This process serves to strengthen metal components, helping to reduce cracks and internal defects.


A Brief Overview of Castings And Forgings Offered by Bunty LLC

Ask Bunty LLC to assist you in obtaining high-quality metal castings and forgings. Our company possesses extensive experience and expertise in this field. We’ll help you produce high-quality metal parts!

To illustrate the variety and versatility of the services offered by Bunty LLC, consider two examples. We furnish both malleable iron castings and exceptional steel castings and forgings! These products offer exceptional value to our customers:

Malleable Iron Castings

Containing considerably reduced quantities of carbon (compared with many other iron alloys), and manufactured with the assistance of heat treatments, malleable iron castings permit customers of Bunty LLC to create castings displaying both strength and an impressive degree of ductility. This material responds well to a variety of cold working operations. If your product specifications do not demand high tolerances, then malleable iron castings may offer an exceedingly attractive option for customers seeking both ductility and the casting of thin metal parts.

Steel Castings and Forgings

Do you require carbon steel castings and forgings produced with low, medium, or high levels of carbon? We offer an excellent selection of carbon steels, as well as alloy steels. Let us help you choose the best alloys for metal casting to meet your product specifications! We also furnish a variety of specialized carbon steel and steel alloys suitable for the production of high quality steel forgings.


Highest Quality Metal Alloys

The use of the best metal alloys to achieve a desired purpose helps metal castings and metal forgings fulfill customer objectives. Consider this brief overview of some of the most important metal alloys used by Bunty LLC:

Iron Alloys – Today a variety of irons and iron alloys still perform important roles in industrial manufacturing. Customers rely on Bunty LLC for assistance with three primary types of iron materials: gray iron, ductile iron, and malleable iron. These alloys include variable levels of carbon and other alloys, depending upon the goals of the manufacturer. Let us help you choose the best type of iron and the best casting or forging operations to create custom iron components.

Steel Alloys – Steel alloys offer customers a wide array of choices for obtaining desired metal properties. Products requiring strength and the ability to withstand heavy wear may benefit from the use of steel. Choose amongst high quality carbon steels or alloy steels when you request assistance from Bunty LLC.

Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys – Stainless steels typically contain high levels of chromium, as well as other metal alloys. These materials display superior resistance to rusting. The internal grain structure of a stainless steel part contributes to its distinctive characteristics and strength.

Copper Alloys and Copper Extrusions – Copper alloys offer a variety of important benefits during metal parts fabrication. This attractive pinkish-gold non-magnetic metal will conduct electricity while resisting corrosion well. Today these metals perform vital roles within the electronics and plumbing industries.

Nickel Silver Alloys – These popular alloys include copper, zinc and nickel in variable quantities. They resist corrosion well, and supply an attractive silvery exterior capable of furnishing both heat and electrical conductivity. The specific composition of these alloys matters in producing desired properties.

Aluminum Alloys and Aluminum Castings – Alloys of aluminum contribute to the production of inexpensive, useful lightweight metal products. These alloys usually contain other metals, including iron and manganese, and may occur in either a non-heat treatable or a heat treatable form. Our aluminum metal castings supply many customers with highly cost-efficient production capabilities.

Titanium Alloys – Titanium alloys offer comparatively light density coupled with high tensile strength. These materials resist salt water corrosion better than many competing alloys. With an appealing lustrous exterior and the ability to withstand high temperatures, titanium alloys have gained increasing popularity during recent years.

Magnesium Alloys – Today most magnesium alloys also contain variable quantities of copper, aluminum, calcium, silicon, zinc, manganese and other elements. Magnesium remains a combustible metal. Alloys assist manufacturers creating a variety of lightweight parts for the transportation and aerospace industries.


Lightweight Composites

In addition to key metal alloys, a growing number of innovative composite products currently aid the manufacture of industrial parts. These materials contribute to strong, long-lasting products. They include composite laminates, including woods and plastics. Recently, proprietary carbon fiber composites engineered with nanotechnology in mind and developed for commercial purposes have assumed growing importance in some industries.


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