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Manufacturing Capabilities Matter Today


Manufacturing capabilities impact the creation of metal parts significantly in the current marketplace. A full-service company in this field ideally provides superb customer support from the most preliminary design and prototype testing stages through the just-in-time delivery of finished components meeting robust specifications. If you’ve searched for an enterprise with the capabilities to meet these exacting requirements, you’ve reached the right place.

Bunty LLC offers a full range of manufacturing capabilities. We serve businesses of all sizes, including individual entrepreneurs managing startups and large, well-established enterprises serving international markets. Call upon us to furnish experienced consultation and advice for your in-house production operations. Or rely on us as a dependable contract manufacturer. We possess impressive physical resources, as well as outstanding technical support systems. Our fully qualified, experienced experts will do everything within their power to help you achieve your manufacturing goals quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.


Bunty LLC: A Quick Overview of our Capabilities

Take a brief tour of the manufacturing capabilities of Bunty LLC to more fully appreciate how we can assist you. Our company has invested in the facilities and assets required to produce high-quality industrial parts. We offer cutting-edge services and support in key manufacturing areas:



Our team possesses extensive experience advising customers about available materials for use in high-quality metal products. Today, manufacturers enjoy access to a vast array of metals and metal alloys. Additionally, composites and proprietary systems have contributed to the production of superb industrial parts. Cost considerations frequently impact a customer’s decision to utilize specific raw materials. Let us help you avoid making costly mistakes in this area. We furnish knowledgeable consultation and manufacturing services. Some of the materials we employ frequently include alloys of iron, steel, copper, nickel, aluminum, and titanium. We also possess extensive experience advising customers about the use of popular nickel silver, magnesium alloys, and carbon fiber composites.



Forging offers a proven way to supply exceedingly strong, durable metal components for a wide variety of purposes. The forging process compresses metal and helps produce more internally uniform interior structures at a microscopic level. Ask us to help your enterprise obtain attractive cost-effective custom steel, stainless steel, and magnesium forgings.



Castings have enabled manufacturers to generate complex, detailed forms in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Yet determining the best type of casting for your products often involves a high degree of complexity. Depend on Bunty LLC to help you compare and evaluate your best casting options. We also supply assistance to companies seeking high quality cast dies and molds for commercial production purposes.

Our casting capabilities include gray iron, malleable iron, and ductile iron castings, custom die castings and permanent mold castings. We perform contract casting for customers and also furnish experienced casting consultation services. Contact us for assistance if you’ve considered utilizing this well-established manufacturing technology and require help obtaining more streamlined, cost-effective production capabilities.



Machining aids companies in finishing metal workpieces to meet exacting specifications. For example, a forged or cast component may not fit within a mechanical assembly until the completion of the machining process. Bunty LLC supplies both contract machining services and knowledgeable machining consultations. Let us help your company set up its production line to perform machining more cost-effectively and accurately. We offer skilled machining assistance, including milling, honing, plasma cutting, and 5-axis COC machining services. We’ll assist you in fine-tuning your production facilities to accomplish more cost-effective machining operations.


Surface Treatment

Manufacturers rely on surface treatments to obtain or accentuate desired exterior properties in metal components. Bunty LLC supplies both contract surface treatments and consultative services concerning this technology. Today contractors and manufacturers enjoy access to many surface treatments. Selecting the best options sometimes proves challenging. Rely on us for knowledgeable support and rely on our skilled assistance!


Heat Treatment

Heat treatments help modify metal workpieces. They may prepare metal for further operations, or strengthen it and improve hardness and durability. Today these processes perform important commercial roles. Ask Bunty LLC to help complete heat treatments for you, or to furnish consultation services.


Fabrication & Tooling

Rely on Bunty LLC for metal structure fabrication services and tooling assistance. We’ll help you create metal components and build strong mechanical assemblies. Implementing the best methods for fabrication and tooling supplies a way to help produce more cost-effective, useful metal parts for the commercial marketplace. Let Bunty LLC serve as your resource during this process!


Why Customers Choose Bunty LLC

Why should you consider selecting Bunty LLC as your preferred manufacturing contractor? Just consider a few of the most important advantages we offer:

  1. Time and Money Savings: We maintain our corporate headquarters in Greenville, North Carolina. This convenient location enables us to assist customers in accessing premier logistical support capabilities. Realize time and cost savings by relying upon Bunty LLC’s just-in-time delivery systems and robust manufacturing capabilities!
  2. Superior Materials: Do you require assistance in selecting the best metal alloys and other raw materials for your products? Do you place a premium on the production of high-quality merchandise? Let us help you utilize a variety of metals and composites to help produce competitive, in-demand products for your market.
  3. The Skills of Certified Professionals: We also supply the knowledge and dedicated assistance of a highly qualified team of manufacturing, marketing, and metalworking experts. Let us help you redesign and tailor your products, perform prototyping, or obtain reverse engineering services. We’ll assist you in reaching or exceeding your production goals.



For further information about our capabilities, contact us directly via the convenient website form or request a quote here. We welcome your inquiries.

About us

From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina.

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