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Metal Plating Services



Silver plating is a corrosion-resistant coating that enjoys widespread industrial popularity, especially in the aviation, automotive, and aerospace industries. It can be applied to many alloys of steel, copper, bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum to achieve a wide range of properties including great solderability, the ability to withstand high temperatures, and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Besides great mechanical and electrical properties that silver plating offers, it also remains attractively lower in price than either gold or palladium.

Bunty LLC offers high quality silver plating for non-decorative industrial applications in dull, matte, semi-bright or bright finishes. We possess the facilities required to provide this service for parts of every size and we’re dedicated to carefully controlling metallic and organic contamination to create parts of the highest quality.


Bunty LLC offers nickel plating services that will give your products corrosion protection and better wear resistance. Our nickel plating can be deposited both through non-electrical and electrical plating processes. In electroless plating, an auto-catalytic chemical bath is used to deposit a uniform thickness of nickel-phosphorous across the surface of complex metallic products made from proprietary alloys of aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel. Electroplating, on the other hand, utilizes a battery in combination with a chemical solution. Electrical current is applied to the component to shift its chemical composition and create a desired coating on the surface.

In addition to using nickel for sophisticated engineering applications capable of withstanding various harsh environments and improving the appearance of many products, nickel plating offers a number of other useful properties. Some of these include: improved abrasion resistance, superior corrosion resistance, excellent wear, superb conductivity, excellent chemical resistance, easy solderability, and more. Applications for nickel-plated products occur widely in the aerospace, electronic, automotive, food, and tooling industries.


Dry film or solid film lubricants are high performance coatings that bond chemically to the surface of a product, thus improving its ability to withstand friction and extending its expected lifespan. Typically, dry film or solid film lubricants consist of a lubricating agent blended with special additives that enable the coating to produce desired surface properties. The most commonly used lubricating agent is molybdenum disulfide, but others such as tungsten disulfide, fluorinated polymers, or graphite are also widely used.

Applying a dry film lubricant enables the surface to resist scrapes, galling, fretting or corrosion much better than leaving the part uncoated. Some coatings display enhanced dirt-resistant properties which may help protect against the build-up of dust or debris and help keep the part clean and resistant to contamination. Since coatings won’t dilute or wash away when exposed to water or most solvents, they help extend the part’s functional lifespan.

High performance solid lubricants enable parts to carry high loads or withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature and pressure where liquids and oils cannot be used. For this reason, they remain in high-demand for parts used under harsh environmental conditions common for the automotive, aviation, and aerospace sectors.

Bunty LLC offers high quality coated parts designed to function in a wide array of applications that require low coefficients of friction on surfaces. We apply dry or solid film lubricants to parts of all sizes, including massive industrial components.


Gold plating uses chemical or electrochemical plating to bond gold to the surface of a metal piece. Since gold maintains high conductivity, integrity, and corrosion resistance, this process is used extensively in the electronics industry for the production of high-quality electronic parts such as printed and etched circuit boards, connectors and semiconductors.

Parts plated with gold or gold alloys offer many advantages. Some of them include: excellent wear resistance, great solderability, high hardness, corrosion resistance, good diffusion features, high conductivity, and excellent performance at high temperatures.

Bunty LLC possesses extensive experience in furnishing precision gold plating services for a wide variety of industrial applications. We plate gold onto all sorts of metals including copper, stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, brass, zinc, and silver. If you have any questions about our gold-plating process, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service representatives.


Bunty LLC offers tin plating services capable of meeting all your engineering needs. Many useful properties and the comparatively low cost of tin make tin-plated products widely popular in the food, manufacturing, and electronics industries. Not only does tin represent a more cost-effective aesthetic surface covering than many other coatings, but it also prevents underlying metals from undergoing rapid oxidation. This is why both commercial cooking equipment and electronic connectors are often subjected to tin plating before being put to use.

Tin offers numerous desirable qualities as a plating metal. It applies readily to surfaces such as aluminum, brass, copper and steel and provides the preferred exterior for parts that require soldering at a later date. Tin supplies appealing grayish-white, matte-to-bright finished surfaces. Thanks to its excellent ductility, coated surfaces can be formed into various shapes without any damage to the tin layer.


For further information about our plated parts, contact us directly via the convenient website form or request a quote here. We welcome your inquiries.

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