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EDM Wire Cutting


Electrical discharge machining provides a way to cut metal wires with intricate precision. Today this process serves a wide array of industrial purposes. BuntyLLC furnishes high quality wire EDM services to assist metal parts manufacturers.

EDM Machining

The term “EDM” or “electrical discharge machining” refers to a technique based upon research performed centuries ago by the English physicist Joseph Priestley (1733-1804). In 1770 he commented upon the ability of electrical discharges to erode certain materials. At the time, scientists understood the process of electricity very poorly. 

However, over the course of time, manufacturers learned to utilize electrical discharges in fabrication settings to cut metal parts with precision. Workers create a flow of electricity between a work tool and an electrode, using an electrified wire to cut desired shapes into the surface of parts precisely.


A process called “WEDM” or “wire electrical discharge machining” enables manufacturers to machine complex parts from materials which often do not permit machining using other techniques. For example, this process (also called “wire cutting” or “wire cut EDM”) allows cutting to help contour hard components, such as diamond, carbide and graphite.

Wire EDM machining typically involves the use of a narrow single strand of wire in conjunction with de-ionized water. As controlled electrical impulses flow through the wire, it produces sparks as it cuts contours in the surface of hard materials. The water flowing over the area cools the part and prevents melting, while also helping clean away tiny fragments of cut metal from the work surface.


Today, a multitude of useful industrial applications exist for the use of WEDM. Since cutting occurs with precision, this process assists the production of small, thin or highly detailed components which might not withstand other, more stressful, machining methods. 

Machining helps manufacturers complete tools and metal components in a wide array of economic sectors. Just consider a few of the areas where WEDM makes important contributions to the fabrication of metal parts:

Creating Cost-Effective Prototypes

This process plays a vital role in the manufacture of some cost-effective prototypes because it will permit the reproduction of highly labor-intensive, complex machined metal parts economically. If your company desires to develop working prototypes of new metal components, then BuntyLLC’s excellent WEDM processes could provide important assistance.

CutTING Hard Materials

WEDM also assists manufacturers in cutting and machining very hard materials. Components made from tempered steel, graphite, carbide and diamond sometimes prove difficult to machine with precision. This process permits the generation of finely contoured cut plates, dies, punches and other tools from these materials, for instance.

Mold Machining

The process of WEDM assists manufacturers in making detailed machined molds and industrial parts, too. It can permit the creation of intricate features on surfaces, allowing the generation of very high quality molds. BuntyLLC employs WEDM processes frequently in creating durable, detailed dies and molds.

Automobile Manufacturing

Long widely used in basic industrial and mold-making settings, today WEDM as a process has begun providing important machining capabilities to many innovative new products in other sectors, such as the automotive manufacturing industry. It also occurs with greater frequency in the electronics and aerospace industries. As companies utilize an increasing number of innovative, sophisticated components, the utility of WEDM will likely continue to increase in the near future.


What types of benefits does WEDM offer modern manufacturers? The impressive list testifies to the usefulness of this machining process today.

ENHANCE Prototype Production

This reliable, accurate machining process permits very efficient prototype production with fast turnaround times. Customers can obtain precision-cut pieces at a comparatively low cost with the assistance of wire electrical discharge machining.

Avoid Parts Distortion

Machining processes which involve the application of force will sometimes distort some types of metal components. WEDM does not require the application of direct force or pressure between the cutting tool and the work piece. It enables a manufacturer to machine delicate components or weak materials without creating unwelcome distortion. Stress free cutting offers benefits in reliable parts reproduction.

Machine Intricate Contours And Shapes

This machining process permits manufacturers to work on very ornate, complex parts. For instance, it offers a very cost-effective way to complete machining on metal pieces with multiple components with a high degree of accuracy. Manufacturers can cut intricate shapes using this process.

Machine Exotic Materials With Precision

WEDM works well for machining hard-to-cut or exotic materials, too. Since the flow of electricity causes cutting, the use of this process enables manufacturers to work with very hard metal surfaces. It also won’t destroy the surrounding surface finish, a distinct benefit in a metals parts fabrication setting. For instance, using this process, a manufacturer can achieve fine holes or tapered holes in metal parts.

Reproduce Parts Within Tight Tolerances

Both the ability to avoid parts distortion and stress, plus the ability to achieve fine holes and other detailed features recommends the use of WEDM in some situations in which a manufacturer desires to reproduce metal parts within tight tolerances. If you require several prototypes with intricate contours, this process may hold great value, for instance.


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