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Serving The Automotive Industry


In addition to our consultation services, Bunty LLC performs automotive industry contract manufacturing. Ask us to assist you in casting, forging, or machining high-quality custom metal parts. We offer a variety of heat treatments and surface treatments to promote the production of superbly finished components meeting your specifications.


About Automotive Parts History

The history of the automotive industry since the turn of the Twentieth Century has contributed significantly to manufacturing. For example, the adoption of automotive assembly line production techniques by Henry Ford helped revolutionize industrial mass production in the United States and, ultimately, around the world. Just consider a few of the innovations associated with automakers:

The Use of Assembly Lines: Henry Ford helped boost the development of a consumer society when he initiated assembly line manufacturing to significantly increase the production of Ford vehicles to meet growing consumer demand. In 1913 this change led to the adoption of moving assembly lines to ramp up production even further. The mass production of cars, trucks, and other vehicles led to numerous technological breakthroughs as automakers vied to innovate.

Kanban Production Technologies: Toyota played a pivotal role in implementing new systems to promote kanban technologies during the 1950s, including just-in-time product delivery and leaner, more agile and cost-effective manufacturing programs. These models continue to transform manufacturing in numerous other industries around the world.

The Development of Aftermarket And OEM Products: Automakers have helped create an aftermarket for replacement auto parts. Their efforts have also stimulated the development of original equipment manufacturing, in which companies tailor parts to fit their own unique brands.

Custom Contract Manufacturing: While performed in other industries, also, contract manufacturing has assumed a very important role in the production of vehicles. As automotive products gradually increased in complexity, firms in this dynamic industry have evolved sophisticated methods for meeting the demand for their product lines. Today, for example, many companies in the auto industry retain the services of specialized custom contract manufacturers (such as Bunty LLC) to manufacture components for their unique brands. This development helped to generate a truly global marketplace for auto parts production.


Secure Top Quality Custom Automotive Parts

Your enterprise can obtain a wide variety of contract manufacturing assistance from Bunty LLC during the production of custom automotive parts. For example, we offer skilled contract manufacturing of steel components. We also excel in the production of lightweight custom parts, including products made from aluminum alloys, and other popular materials.

Contracting all or a portion of your manufacturing responsibilities to our firm facilitates the cost-effective production of some in-demand auto parts. We possess the technical expertise and the tools required to mass produce specific components, such as custom parts used in automotive transmission assemblies, engines, gears, brakes, drive trains and shocks. Outsource the production of all (or a portion) of these products to us!


Manufacturing Custom Parts For The Automotive Industry

Currently, four technologies play a particularly important role in creating high-quality parts for the automotive industry. While specific uses vary, a workpiece frequently undergoes one (or more) of these processes. Obtain all of them from Bunty LLC:

Casting: This process, known to metal workers for thousands of years, today occurs with the assistance of either permanent or temporary molds. In its simplest form, a manufacturer places or injects molten metal within a mold and, as the material cools, it assumes a shape determined by the dimensions of the mold. This process permits the creation of complex shapes and intricate surface details.

Forging: For centuries, this process has enabled manufacturers to compress metal and enhance both its strength and uniformity on a microscopic level. Pounding a hot metal item facilitates the removal of trapped air bubbles within the interior, helping produce stronger, more homogenous steel granular structures.

Machining: Usually performed during the finishing stage, machining enables a manufacturer to alter a workpiece to fit the unique demands of product specifications. During this finishing process, manufacturers sometimes perform a variety of operations, including cutting, drilling, or milling.

Welding: During this process, a manufacturer typically utilizes electricity and a plasma torch to cut and join separate metal components together. Welding permits the permanent union of mechanical assemblies, for example.


Why Customers Prefer Bunty LLC

Why do customers select Bunty LLC in Greenville as a custom automotive parts contractor? We believe several considerations underlie this decision. First, we offer the skills of a dedicated team of certified professionals. Our experts furnish assistance from designing products and tooling manufacturing facilities through the production and test marketing of prototypes and the implementation of efficient automated mass production runs on a factory floor. As contract manufacturers of auto parts, we infuse both knowledge and talent into our work.

Second, Bunty LLC assists customers in utilizing the highest quality of materials. Ask us to help you target the raw materials used in creating products to further your marketing objectives. We’ll help you select choice metal alloys and composites to help optimize your product lines.

Third, by utilizing our well-capitalized assets and facilities, customers often obtain significant time and money savings. Modern equipment used in the production of high-quality metal parts often requires a significant investment. We’ve made this commitment, enabling customers to obtain cost benefits by selecting to supply contract manufacturing services.

Fourth our experience and broad knowledge base in this specialized field helps us assist our clients in obtaining more cost-efficient, robust, leaner manufacturing. We pay close attention to quality control issues and to requested product specifications. Your customers will notice our attention to detail!


For further information about automotive parts, contact us directly via the convenient website form or request a quote here. We welcome your inquiries.

About us

From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina.

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