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Serving the Aerospace Industry


Today aerospace industry manufacturing constitutes a diverse field. The custom manufacturing of lightweight titanium and magnesium parts produced within tight tolerances plays an important role in this dynamic field. Trust Bunty LLC as your contract manufacturer for superior aerospace components.

A Brief Aerospace Industry Overview

The aerospace industry is an exciting field that represents a convergence of the aviation, telecommunications and defense industries. It encompasses efforts to access the Earth’s atmosphere and surrounding space. Scientific research contributes enormously to this field. Manufacturers generate aircraft, satellites, rockets, spacecraft, and other innovative products to facilitate a variety of objectives.

Companies engaging in cutting-edge engineering and technology research enjoy prominence within the aerospace industry. One important aspect of ongoing work in this field relates to the development of lightweight yet durable components. In order to optimize available fuel resources, designers seek to reduce the weight of their craft. They require secure manufacturing facilities capable of furnishing extremely strong, versatile customized parts within extremely tight tolerance ranges.


Use Bunty LLC’s Services to Obtain Top Quality Aerospace Parts

Bunty LLC is a custom manufacturing contractor that offers a number of services of vital interest to firms fulfilling contracts in this dynamic field. Four areas of service in particular appeal to enterprises seeking to generate lightweight components:

Experienced Prototyping Services: We supply knowledgeable, rapid prototype design and construction assistance. Our capabilities include prototyping as well as reverse engineering and parts redesign. Gain the technical assistance you require to translate your innovative designs into a functional aerospace component with our help. We also offer a valuable resource for aerospace firms seeking to redesign their existing components in order to achieve improved performance. Our excellent quality control services promote faithful adherence to your product specifications during manufacturing.

Custom Casting: We furnish a full range of customized casting services. Let our experts assist your enterprise in selecting the best metal alloys and casting technologies to use during the creation of a specific part. With a variety of casting technologies available to help produce cast metal parts, we furnish a versatile, cooperative, robust choice for contract manufacturing services.

Custom Forging: Bunty LLC also supplies custom forging capabilities of interest to aerospace firms. We frequently perform magnesium and aluminum forging, for example. Ask us to assist your enterprise in selecting metal alloys to help generate strong, lightweight aluminum, magnesium, or titanium forgings.

Machining Utilizing Plasma And Laser Cutting: Customers in the aerospace industry also appreciate Bunty LLC’s capabilities to perform skilled machining of lightweight metal parts. In this connection, we offer both automated plasma and laser cutting and welding capabilities to facilitate rapid component assembly.


We possess experience employing a number of commonly utilized metals during the production of components for the aerospace industry. Customers rely upon for creation of lightweight titanium and magnesium alloys. In their pure form, both titanium and magnesium present significant manufacturing challenges. Magnesium, like aluminum, will ignite and burn readily, generating fires which may prove difficult to suppress. Due to its strength, titanium requires high furnace temperatures and the use of specialized manufacturing equipment in order to incorporate into metal components.

Aerospace manufacturers have learned to combine these lightweight metals with alloys during recent years in order to enable safer, easier handling during the mass production of industrial components. Today, titanium and magnesium alloys perform increasingly significant roles within the aerospace industry. For example, by combining magnesium with copper, aluminum, silicon, and other elements, aerospace manufacturers have successfully created very strong yet lightweight parts. Some popular metals for this purpose include AZ80A, HM21A, and AZ31B. Our company assists customers in using these popular constituents in products intended for aerospace mass markets.

Our company and personnel possess expertise producing some widely utilized aerospace industry components for customers. Rely on us to assist you with the production of these types of metal parts utilizing your designs. We furnish assistance from the initial prototyping phase through the production of finished, marketable parts. We excel in the manufacturing of customized components for use in the aerospace industry, in fact. Request our assistance in providing contract manufacturing services for the production of landing gear, fasteners, springs, hydraulic tubing, forged wing structures, and other specialized parts.


Custom Aerospace Parts Manufacturing Processes

The field of custom aerospace parts manufacturing bears many similarities today to other types of contract manufacturing within the defense, aerospace, and telecommunications industries. Companies like Bunty LLC which engage in this diverse field must possess the capability to cooperate closely with engineers, scientists, and marketers during the complex process of component prototype development and testing. Specific manufacturing capabilities, technological innovation resources, and sensitivity to quality control and security concerns sometimes figure prominently in an individual customer’s decision to choose one manufacturer over another. Several manufacturing processes have achieved importance within the current aerospace manufacturing field:

  • Prototyping Using Innovative Materials: The desire to generate strong, lightweight parts for use in the aerospace field has placed an emphasis upon the production of titanium and magnesium components. Nanotechnology research involving composite materials also interests aerospace manufacturers.
  • Automated Manufacturing: Both CNC manufacturing equipment and robotics increasingly contribute to parts production in this field.
  • Additive Manufacturing: Manufacturing technologies which employ additive processes, such as 3-D printing, permit the rapid generation of customized components. Similarly, laser welding and finishing techniques hold value in aerospace manufacturing.


Why Customers Prefer Bunty LLC

Our customers select Bunty LLC because we offer important advantages as an aerospace manufacturing contractor. With experienced, highly skilled and certified professionals comprising our staff, and superb production facilities in the United States and internationally, we maintain rigorous adherence to high-quality production standards. We offer both efficient, cost-effective manufacturing and attention to detail. Choose us as your designated aerospace manufacturing contractor to enjoy time and money savings.


For further information about aerospace parts, contact us directly via the convenient website form or request a quote here. We welcome your inquiries.

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