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Mineral Extraction

Custom Metal Parts for Mineral Extraction Industry


Today both exploration and mining companies require high quality, strong, corrosion resistant metal components. These parts serve a multitude of roles and include drill bits, bores, gears, and numerous other constituents. Rely on Bunty LLC to help you obtain superb metal parts for your mineral extraction requirements.


A Brief Overview of Mineral Extraction

Today global mineral extraction occurs through the combined efforts of two distinct types of activities: the ongoing search for new resources and mining operations. Both segments of the industry utilize metal parts extensively. From mass production of drill bits and components utilized in offshore drilling platforms to the generation of massive custom mining bores, the metal parts required for mineral extraction cover a broad spectrum. These components must satisfy tight tolerances while offering strength and corrosion resistance.


Creating High-Quality Parts for Use in Mineral Extraction

Drilling and boring operations generate intense friction and heat. Additionally, today mineral exploration and extraction ventures often take place in exceedingly harsh, challenging environments, such as maritime settings, hot deserts, or arctic locations subjected to permafrost. Mining equipment must also withstand the impact of dust and mud. The severity of the environment holds important implications for the development of top-quality metal components. We offer:

1. Custom Parts Designed to Withstand Harsh Environmental Conditions

Companies involved in resource exploration and mining often require customized, exceedingly durable metal components. Forgings, heat treatments, and surface treatments contribute to the production of these parts. The severity of prevailing environmental conditions may require exceedingly corrosion resistant components in some locations. For example, a mining apparatus might need to withstand the impact of 24/7 wear and the corrosive powers of seawater.

2. Full-Service Engineering

Another factor which assists the development of superb custom mineral extraction tools relates to full-service engineering. Today companies such as Bunty LLC assist mining enterprises by furnishing skilled consultation, prototyping and reverse engineering services. The production of a finished part may require the design and testing of multiple prototypes. Reverse engineering services also frequently enhance this process, since in some cases companies utilize equipment manufactured by firms which no longer sell replacement components for some models.

3. Manufacturing Precision Components

One of the most important aspects of the creation of top-quality parts for mineral extraction relates to precision engineering. Mining occurs under a wide variety of environmental conditions, so in some cases, mineral extraction companies seek components in dimensions outside the range of standard tools. Mining companies need to ensure their customized parts will conform with engineering designs, and that replacement parts fit their specifications. Today, many mining firms depend on contract manufacturers capable of supplying a high level of quality control and assurance. This service helps ensure finished parts meet the customer’s requirements with a high degree of accuracy.


Metals used in Manufacturing of Mineral Extraction Parts

In addition to the use of non-metals such as composites and diamonds, this industrial sector relies extensively on iron, steel, stainless steel, and titanium alloys. Other metals and metal alloys, including zinc, copper, cobalt, and silicon also increasingly perform important roles in the construction and maintenance of mining machinery. Unlike other industrial sectors, such as the transportation industry or the aerospace industry, mining companies still frequently rely extensively upon heavier metals. The cost of the raw materials may play a significant role in alloy selection.


Custom Components Crafted for Mineral Extraction

Modern mineral extraction companies often utilize a variety of heavy equipment designed to maneuver in compact spaces. Sometimes these firms employ “oversized” large bores, drills, and ore containers, too. Potentially, a very wide array of different types and dimensions of equipment and tools contribute to mineral extraction. Since mining occurs in diverse environments, like surface mining, below surface mining, underwater mining, the specifications for an individual component may vary based upon its intended use. Some examples of widely used mineral extraction parts include drill bits, gears, chains, hydraulic cylinders, and shafts. Important components include the numerous parts employed in heavy equipment: bulldozers, industrial shovels, cranes, dump trucks, and more.


Processes Employed During the Creation of Metal Parts Used in Mining

Custom metal parts manufacturers for the mineral extraction industry routinely employ a variety of processes. Bunty LLC excels as a contractor for this industrial sector because we furnish important services and processes to facilitate the generation of high-quality metal components. Just consider some of the most important:

  • The Selection of Top Quality Materials: Do you need extremely strong, heat-resistant components? Rely on our expertise to help you select the best metals, metal alloys, and composites to utilize in custom parts.
  • Forging: Some of the strongest metal parts result from cold rolling and hot rolling forged steel. We offer custom steel forgings designed to assist companies seeking very tough, strong components for use in drilling and boring equipment.
  • Casting: This process helps us create superb customized complex parts in specially sized dimensions.
  • Heat Treatments: We offer a variety of heat treatments. These processes frequently produce case hardening and enhance surface strength and hardness (ultimately promoting durability).
  • Surface Treatments: Do you need corrosion resistant components? Ask us to supply surface treatments to augment surface hardness and improve corrosion resistance.


Why Mineral Extraction Companies Prefer Bunty LLC

Why do so many mineral extraction firms rely on Bunty LLC when they need premium metal components?

  1. We offer a broad range of consulting and contract manufacturing services.
  2. Our firm supplies the knowledge and talents of experienced, certified professionals.
  3. We utilize the highest quality of raw materials during production.
  4. Customers rely on our meticulous attention to detail and our robust quality control standards.
  5. As a contract custom metal parts producer, we employ efficient, cost-effective manufacturing processes.

These factors combine to help us offer our customers valuable time and money savings.



For further information about mineral extraction parts and components, contact us directly via the convenient website form or request a quote here. We welcome your inquiries.

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