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Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods Contract Manufacturing


Companies providing consumer goods frequently outsource the production of metal parts to contract manufacturers. This diverse sector encompasses a wide variety of goods, including housewares, athletic equipment, toys, and electronics. Consumers demand affordable, safe, attractive, quality products, and Bunty LLC offers superb contract manufacturing services.


A Brief Overview of The Consumer Products Industry

Today the dynamic consumer goods industry contributes significantly to an expanding global economy. This field includes a wide array of products purchased by individuals for their use and enjoyment: electronic gadgets, health care products, household goods, exercise equipment, jewelry, packaged goods, foods and beverages, toys, clothing, kitchenware, vehicles, and more. Metal parts utilized in this merchandise must appeal to a mass marketplace by offering competitive prices, quality, safety, and aesthetic value.


Manufacturing Top Quality Consumer Goods

The consumer goods manufacturing sector offers an exciting, diverse landscape. Bunty LLC assists customers as a contract manufacturer for many different types of retail consumer wares. We offer a number of consultation services, as well as contract manufacturing capabilities. Manufacturing top quality consumer goods requires expertise and attention to customer specifications and marketing goals. Customers can rely upon our respect for confidentiality and proprietary intellectual property interests when they request our assistance.

The wide array of popular consumer merchandise permits the use of a variety of manufacturing processes and technologies. Some types of goods require specific operations during the production and finishing phases, while others utilize elective processes. Bunty LLC offers customers the ability to tailor production steps to fit specific market needs in the consumer goods field. We also help customers enhance their production processes.

For example, consider the production of rock hunting tools used by hobbyists. The manufacture of a metal detector for consumers typically begins with prototyping and testing. Bunty LLC offers excellent resources for undertaking these phases of product development. Use our consultation services to help design and produce models of this consumer equipment. We supply cost-effective sophisticated manufacturing and finishing services to help customers generate their merchandise in scalable production runs. Ask us to serve as a contract manufacturer for specific components, or rely on us to manufacture and assemble complete consumer goods for your enterprise.


Some Frequently Requested Services We Offer 

Companies seeking a dependable contract manufacturer to help mass produce consumer items appreciate the depth and variety of useful services available through Bunty LLC. Some of the most important include:

  • Parts Redesign: Customers seeking to redesign existing parts in order to achieve the desired marketing objectives will benefit from our consultation services. For example, we assist you in creating models of your existing consumer brands in new sizes or colors. We frequently help companies develop OEM lines of tools or components for their brands.
  • Prototyping: Ask our Certified Professionals to help you develop a prototype and a working model of consumer merchandise.
  • Tooling: If you are equipping your production facilities with the machinery, molds, and other equipment required to conduct manufacturing, we can offer complete tooling assistance, from mold creation to fabricating customized production parts.
  • Quality Inspection: Request our quality inspection consultation services to assist your enterprise in manufacturing consumer goods according to specifications.
  • Casting: Use our casting capabilities to create a variety of simple or complex components. We generate custom castings for customers and also cast parts in volume as a contract manufacturer.
  • Die Casting: Our die casting capabilities help generate consumer components in reusable molds at high volumes. We frequently offer die casting in conjunction with automated production methods.
  • Stamping: Our stamping services assist companies in producing small metal parts in high volumes. We also may offer progressive die stamping of sheet metal for use in consumer wares.
  • Molding: Today, manufacturers frequently utilize injection molding to produce a wide array of plastic components. We help create custom molding machines for consumer goods production purposes. Request our assistance finding plastic injection molding machine subcontractors.
  • Machining: During machining, manufacturers complete various operations required to help transform workpieces into usable parts. These operations may include drilling or boring, for example. Ask Bunty LLC to serve as a contract manufacturer for all (or part) of your machining during the production of consumer merchandise.
  • Assembly: Our services include parts and component assembly on a contract manufacturing basis.
  • Finishing: The finishing phase of a manufacturing process permits manufacturers to transform the surface of metal workpieces in order to help make their products more attractive to prospective buyers. Bunty LLC performs a wide array of useful finishing processes to assist customers manufacturing consumer wares. Ask us to apply heat or surface treatments, to plate metal components, or to apply exterior coatings. We can also assist you with powder coating metal parts in order to create more appealing surface colors and textures for goods.


Commonly Utilized Metals And Manufactured Components 

Due to the incredible diversity of consumer merchandise on the marketplace today, broad generalizations about commonly used metals and manufacturing components prove impossible. However, we can list some widely utilized raw materials and parts:

  • Raw Materials: Metals, plastics, woods, ceramics, fabrics, glass, paper, and composite materials all frequently appear as raw materials in consumer wares. Some popular metals and metal alloys include carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, iron, gold, silver, copper, brass, and tin.
  • Illustrative Components: Popular consumer goods parts include nuts, bolts, rods, shafts, pins, springs, plates, wire, frameworks, casings, ball bearings, handles, knobs, screws, buttons, and more!


Why Customers Choose Bunty LLC 

Customers enjoy impressive advantages by selecting Bunty LLC as a contract manufacturer. Our certified professionals pay close attention to details. We emphasize quality and adherence to specifications and regulations. We utilize high-quality materials to perform robust, lean manufacturing. We employ efficient production processes, enabling our clients to obtain time and money savings.


For further information about consumer goods parts and components, contact us directly via the convenient website form or request a quote here. We welcome your inquiries.



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From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina.

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