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An Overview of Industries Utilizing Our Services


Today many enterprises require high-quality metal parts and products that are used in a variety of markets. The expansion of international commerce during the past quarter century and advances in the development of new industrial materials and automated processes have helped generate remarkable opportunities for manufacturers.

Our company assists customers of every size in creating useful custom cast, forged, plated and machined components. We help you design and produce superbly crafted products. We do not limit our efforts to a single industry. Instead, Bunty LLC works with companies engaged in several different economic sectors.

As your dedicated contract manufacturer, we offer our assistance at every point in the manufacturing process, from developing and testing prototypes to facilitating finishing operations, undertaking mass production runs, and supplying just-in-time delivery. Depend on us throughout every manufacturing step or ask us to perform contract services during specific stages of production. We offer personalized assistance to customers large and small.

As a firm engaged in the design and fabrication of industrial metal parts, we furnish both knowledgeable consultation services and skilled contract manufacturing. From established automakers to innovative startups building robots and telecommunications satellites, numerous businesses welcome the opportunity to obtain valuable assistance from Bunty LLC. Contact us to request the services your enterprise requires.


Industries We Serve

Bunty LLC helps customers engaging in a wide variety of industries. Our versatility enables us to assist enterprises seeking to tailor their metal products to meet specific industry marketing objectives. If you supply parts used in any of these industries, consider requesting our services:



Today companies manufacturing a range of in-demand automotive accessories and spare parts depend heavily upon customized contract manufacturing services. Think of Bunty LLC whenever you need to produce the highest quality components. We furnish skilled design and prototype test marketing assistance. Request our help to develop custom products for cars, trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles, and other vehicles. We also offer contract manufacturing services to assist companies mass producing superbly cast, forged, plated or machined metal parts. In addition to contract manufacturing, ask us to provide quality inspection, parts redesign, reverse engineering, inventory management and prototyping services for your automotive enterprise.



Companies within this dynamic industry range from well-established manufacturers to specialized firms and startups working in fields as diverse as telecommunications and weather satellite design. Bunty LLC offers a full range of services for the aerospace industry. Many enterprises engaged in this field desire lightweight, corrosion-resistant, cost-efficient metal components. Magnesium and aluminum alloys and lightweight carbon fibers have helped revolutionize manufacturing in this industry sector during recent years. Share your requirements for your parts with us, and we’ll help you develop innovative prototypes for this competitive marketplace!



Firms engaged in energy sector activities require durable metal parts capable of withstanding the impact of harsh environments. From utilities to drill manufacturers, customers working in this diverse field require expertise creating long-lasting, corrosion-resistant products and tools. Count on Bunty LLC to help you manufacture strong components for this competitive marketplace.



The rapid ongoing expansion of automation promises to transform the workplace. One recent survey predicts robots will replace roughly a third of the U.S. labor force alone by 2030. If your enterprise manufactures products for this innovative industry, you’ll appreciate the highly tailored prototype design and testing assistance we supply. Request our help and develop customized metal parts that will assist in the production of automated machinery and robots. If you need tooling help, we supply a useful resource.


Mineral Extraction

Both mining and nanotechnology have produced rapid changes in materials fabrication during recent years. Trust Bunty LLC’s experienced team to help you develop and mass produce high-quality parts for this industry. We’ll help you select the best metal alloys and production methods to generate durable, well-designed components. Whether you require customized products for your firm’s own use, or you’d like assistance establishing cost-effective mass production facilities, we offer an excellent resource.



From stainless steel operating tables to high-quality titanium surgical implants, the biomedical industry depends upon well-constructed metal components. Does your enterprise seek specialized assistance in this field? Use Bunty LLC as your “go to” resource for obtaining excellent customized components (including prototypes). We offer both consultative and targeted manufacturing assistance to help your firm reach your production and marketing objectives.


Consumer Goods

Enterprises serving the competitive consumer goods marketplace require a broad range of customized manufacturing services. Products manufactured by companies marketing in this broad category range from cookware and kitchen utensils to fashion accessories and decorative household furnishings. Price points matter in the consumer goods industry. Often, selecting the best alloys for specific metal parts helps companies working in this field compete more effectively in international markets.


Why Customers Select Bunty LLC

Why do customers call upon Bunty LLC for consultation expertise and contract manufacturing resources?

We offer three key advantages:

  1. Time and Money savings
  2. High-Quality Materials
  3. Skills of Recognized, Credentialed Professionals

We possess the ability to help enterprises of all sizes tackle challenging metal parts manufacturing problems successfully. Whether you work as a lone entrepreneur or as a part of a growing organization, you’ll discover the tools you require to expand your business when you choose us. Ask us to help you design, test, manufacture, and mass produce the metal parts your industry marketplace requires at cost-effective prices. We look forward to helping you discover and implement practical solutions to production problems in your firm’s industry niche.



For further information about our services, contact us directly via the convenient website form or request a quote here. We welcome your inquiries.

About us

From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina.

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