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Capabilities: Blanking, Deep drawing, Die cutting, Progressive die, Mutli-side die, Coining

Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Nickel Alloys, Cobalt Alloys

Press Sizes 15 to 1500 tons

Having parts produced by a custom parts manufacturing source can be extremely cost effective, no matter which of the more common manufacturing methods are employed. In the case of metal stamping services, in-house tooling and retooling, gage and fixture building, training, and maintenance, can be left to the custom parts supplier.

Since the supplier’s core competency lies in custom parts production, and parts production is not secondary equipment assembly, the supplier is in a position to produce stamped parts at a lower cost, and pass the savings on to the client.

Materials ranging from steel and stainless steel, to aluminum, copper, and specialty metals can be used in the production of stamped metal parts. Strict standards are adhered to, for both the raw materials supplied by vendors, and for the tools themselves. Tool and die designs are customized to meet client’s exact specifications, and the tools are designed and assembled in accordance with AS and ISO standards to ensure consistency through each production run.

The use of computerized parts-stamping equipment enables faster production times without compromising quality. Production times can be cut by 75% in many cases, when compared to more traditional, non-computerized, parts stamping methods.




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From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina.

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