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Today, manufacturing represents a genuinely international activity. Competitive enterprises draw upon talent worldwide. From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina. 

With domestic and overseas manufacturing, warehousing and inspection facilities, we offer reliable, rapid, low cost production capabilities. You can rely upon our expertise in metal parts fabrication and our exceptional product knowledge and customer support. We’ve earned an outstanding reputation within our industry. Allow BuntyLLC to introduce your small business to global manufacturing environment!


Custom made parts – qualified and stocked in Greenville, SC.  

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Our Strategy

High-quality Products

We generate high-quality metal components. We work with a variety of metals and can supply both functional and purely decorative parts manufactured according to precise specifications. Our modern foundry allows us to create components ranging from simple to highly complex. We’ll generate parts you require manufactured according to your specifications.

Unbeatable Customer Service

We take pride in supplying customers with the highest possible level of service. Ask us to assist you in selecting appropriate metals, production and finishing techniques. We’ll manufacture parts rapidly at affordable prices. We’ll support you generously during every phase of production, offering vital technical consultation services you require to succeed.

Extensive Experience and Product Knowledge

Founded in 2000, Bunty LLC possesses 16 years of practical experience. Our flexible, highly adaptive business model gives us impressive production capacities coupled with reduced overhead and agility. We strive to furnish our customers with comprehensive business solutions which meet or exceed their needs.

Fully Customized Solutions

We seek tailored solutions, based upon unique customer needs and requirements. Our robust production environment enables us to cater to a wide variety of individual business goals in a versatile, efficient way. We strive to furnish competitive prices, durability and superb quality.

Intelligent Manufacturing Processes and Process Control Protocols

Our modern facility permits us to fabricate metal parts as fast as possible while maintaining rigorous process control protocols. BuntyLLC can meet firm customer production deadlines using a streamlined manufacturing process. We specialize in producing an impressive variety of metals and manufacturing processes, including customized steel castings, forgings and extrusions and high quality brass forgings and copper forgings. We emphasize superb quality control at every stage of the production process while satisfying our customers’ exacting specifications.

Minimized Costs Coupled with Fast Delivery

Let our affordable prices help your company optimize profits without sacrificing excellent quality and on-time delivery. We assist customers from developing a prototype to mass production. BuntyLLC employs cutting-edge forging technologies. We facilitate rapid turnaround times. Our firm offers discounts for high volume orders. We supply parts for delivery within one to three days! Our impressive inventory of metal shapes enhances our production speed capabilities.


BuntyLLC provides access to low cost countries (LCC) while maintaining high levels of quality, service and on time deliveries. We  work with customers from prototype development all the way through full run production.

BuntyLLC brings global manufacturing to a small business environment!

Our Services

Metals We Work With

We create a variety of highly specialized metal alloys by combining different base metals and elements. Our skillful preparation of each alloy determines the variable properties displayed by unique metal parts:

Steel Castings and Forgings: We cast steel by pouring molten metal into molds to create new crystallized shapes and we forge steel by shaping and tempering hot steel billets to increase strength even further. BuntyLLC assists manufacturers in keeping production costs low by carrying an impressive inventory of different steel shapes.

Gray Iron, Ductile Iron and Malleable Iron Castings: Our gray iron, ductile iron and malleable iron castings bring the strength of ferrous highly magnetic metal alloys into an affordable, practical form in combination with variable quantities of zinc, nickel and other metals. Use our skills to create intricately shaped metal parts.

Nickel Silver Alloys: Nickel silver consists of an attractive silvery-white alloy of copper, zinc and nickel; depending on the composition, this highly malleable, lustrous metal will form intricate parts in nearly any conceivable shape. Let BuntyLLC assist your product design efforts.

Bronze Castings, Extrusions and Forgings: Lustrous and strong, bronze castings combine the power of copper and tin to create new recrystallized shapes from molten metals. Bronze extrusions force hot metal into desired shapes, creating specific new dimensions and increasing the strength of the material. Bronze forgings also shape and work these alloys to enhance strength. BuntyLLC applies any or all these methods to assist our customers in tailoring bronze parts.

Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys: By adding nickel to iron with a low carbon content, metallurgists create alloys with a lustrous, silvery quality and significant hardness. Few metal products match the strength and durability of stainless steel. BuntyLLC’s parts composed of these alloys accept a finish and polish well, while resisting corrosion.

Aluminum Alloys and Aluminum Castings: Both light weight and very ductile, aluminum alloys will produce strong yet comparatively light weight products and castings generated from molten aluminum form a wide array of shapes and dimensions. BuntyLLC will help you manufacture the useful aluminum parts you require.

Brass Alloys and Brass Castings: Brass alloys formed from variable proportions of copper and zinc produce a very attractive, lustrous metal. When cast, molten alloys will reform into completely new shapes and dimensions. Many of these lustrous products perform decorative roles and we can help you achieve the brass functional and decorative products you seek.

Copper Alloys and Copper Extrusions: Copper alloys include generous amounts of copper to create highly thermally and electrically conductive, ductile metal products. Extrusions of hot copper alloys forced into specific shapes often form wire or malleable chains. The rich colors of copper alloys contribute significantly to many decorative products.

Gray Iron Castings: Being one of the most popular types of cast iron out there, gray iron can be found in everything you use, thanks to its strength, cheapness, and ability to dampen vibrations. Bearing that in mind, BuntyLLC can help you create the perfect gray iron for your project!

Ductile Iron Castings: Manufacturers add Magnesium to steel and iron during the production of ductile iron. This innovation enhances the metal’s tensile and ductile strength and also improves corrosion resistance, making ductile iron pipes popular for use in water and wastewater system. BuntyLLC offers superb ductile iron casting!

Malleable Iron Castings: Manufacturers create malleable iron castings by first casting white iron, and then applying an annealing heat treatment to thin sections of the material to change its microstructural properties. Ask BuntyLLC to assist your enterprise in obtaining excellent malleable iron castings!

Titanium Alloys: These lightweight metals contain varying percentages of the element titanium mixed with other metals. In high demand, these materials supply both tensile strength and corrosion resistance. You can depend upon BuntyLLC to furnish knowledgeable, skilled assistance with manufacturing tasks requiring titanium alloys!

Magnesium Alloys: By using these alloys, metal parts producers take advantage of the desirable properties of strong, lightweight magnesium while minimizing handling hazards. Depend upon BuntyLLC to help your enterprise employ high quality magnesium alloys during metal parts production!

Custom Metal Forgings

Forgings display greater strength than castings because we shape, manipulate and compress an existing metal structure, creating thicker, harder metal grain structures. Create a variety of strong metal parts using this process!

Custom Metal Forgings: Use custom metal forging to shape an individual item into a desired form, much as a blacksmith in ancient times forged steel tools. BuntyLLC can forge unique items to satisfy customer specifications.

Closed Die Forgings: Closed die forgings will produce high volume metal parts without the requirement for extensive machining operations afterwards. BuntyLLC assists many manufacturers in producing economical parts in quantity using this popular manufacturing technique.

Brass Forgings and Copper Forgings: Create harder bronze and copper parts by using forging. If you require a sturdy yet more water-resistant surface, this manufacturing method offers value. BuntyLLC will assist you in generating the types of brass and copper forgings your enterprise requires.

Stainless Steel Forgings: The toughest stainless steel parts usually result from the forging process. Use our firm to create durable structural support parts and long-lasting components made from steel.

Magnesium Forgings: The forging process assists manufacturers in creating lighter weight hard metal products which may resist extreme environments. BuntyLLC can help you achieve your manufacturing goals in the production of high quality magnesium forgings, from drilling parts to aerospace components.

Custom Steel Forgings: Custom steel forgings enable manufacturers to create very hard, corrosion-resistant steel items. Whether you seek to produce door knobs or automotive parts, when you seek durable steel products and components, BuntyLLC’s forgings can provide the extra-hard tempered surfaces and compacted metal grain properties you prefer.

Aluminium Forgings: When you require harder aluminum metal parts, aluminum forging may provide a great solution. BuntyLLC will help you create durable yet lightweight metal components produced according to your specifications.

Custom Metal Castings

Custom metal casting enables manufacturers to create a myriad of different shapes and dimensions of metal parts very cost-effectively. Rely on BuntyLLC’s expertise to assist you in tailoring this manufacturing process to your production needs.

Custom Die Castings: In custom die casting, a manufacturer can shape and mold metal by allowing molten metal to cool within specific molds or “dies”. BuntyLLC offers design and manufacturing assistance to help you obtain unique, custom dies. 

Custom Investment Castings: Today the ancient investment casting process assists many modern manufacturers seeking to product products cost-effectively. BuntyLLC will assist you in obtaining the high quality investment castings you require.

Lost Wax Castings: Manufacturers developed lost wax casting thousands of years ago to permit the replication of fine metal pieces in detail. Today, this process joins investment casting as an important technique for producing detailed metal prototypes and works of art. Depend on BuntyLLC to assist you in creating high quality lost wax castings!

Custom Permanent Mold Castings: In some high volume production runs, the creation of a long lasting “permanent” mold reduces the cost of cast parts significantly. We’ll help clients evaluate different types of molds to best serve their product manufacturing needs.

Gravity Casting: During this form of casting, a manufacturer employs the force of gravity to accomplish mold filling. Typically, molten material enters a permanent mold from the top and filters through the mold cavity, assuming its shape upon solidification. You can depend upon BuntyLLC’s excellent gravity casting services!

Sand Mold Castings: We create sand molds to form a variety of intricate, highly detailed cast shapes, often with complex exterior patterns or designs. This ancient form of casting still assists manufacturers in the modern era, and BuntyLLC excels in this area.

Semi-Solid Castings: Semi-solid casting utilizes fluid thixotropic shearing properties of certain non-ferrous metals to generate very high quality metal parts cost-effectively. BuntyLLLC employes a variety of semi-solid casting techniques today to produce heat treatable castings displaying low porosity and high net tolerances.

Lost Foam Castings: Lost foam casting, a popular form of evaporative pattern casting, permits manufacturers to create detailed, complex shapes cost-effectively. You’ll want to explore BuntyLLC’s superb foam casting services. Ask us to help you create ornate lost foam cast metals with minimal machining!

Centrifugal Casting: By rotating molds during casting, manufacturers can generate cylinders, discs and rings. These castings offer excellent mechanical properties and dense fine internal grains. Ask BuntyLLC to assist you in obtaining superb centrifugal casting services!

Spin Casting: By utilizing spinning molds constructed from vulcanized rubber, manufacturers produce a wide variety of detailed, inexpensive castings. These items consist of materials with comparatively low melting points: pewter, zinc or thermoset plastics. BuntyLLC offers highly efficient spin casting services!

Tilt Casting: During the process of gravity tilt casting, manufacturers gradually angle both the metal crucible and the gate to optimize the flow of molten metal into a permanent, reusable mold. This process sometimes proves highly cost-effective. Rely on BuntyLLC for excellent tilt casting services!

Shell Casting: A manufacturer employs metal patterns to create a series of expendable shell molds from sand and resins. These short-lived molds permit the casting of intricate metal components within high tolerances during an automated production process. BuntyLLC offers excellent shell casting services to assist our customers!


Machined Parts: We use a variety of machines, such as drill presses and grinders, to add desired features to metal components or cut and trim away unwanted excess metal. BuntyLLC can assist manufacturers seeking the most cost-effective production strategies and we’ll use our knowledge about machining to help you keep your manufacturing costs within targeted ranges.

Turning: The process of turning parts forms one of the three principal types of machining. Today, computerized machines frequently perform this task, permitting the creation of a variety of useful metal components. When your company requires precisely turned parts, depend upon BuntyLLC’s highly skilled machining department!

Milling: During milling, a rotating cutter chips away excess material from a metal part fed past a rotating multiple-toothed cutting blade. BuntyLLC performs high quality machining and can produce large quantities of complex precisely milled metal parts for customers at competitive rates.

End Mill: This specialized rotary cutter used during industrial milling enable manufacturers to shape slots and pockets during machining, facilitating the production of metal molds and dies. The cutter possesses cutting teeth on both the end and sides. Ask BuntyLLC to assist you by providing end mill services!

Honing: Honing describes an abrading machining process used to remove small quantities of material from the surface of a metal part at comparatively low speeds along controlled trajectories. This machining process may generate sharp cutting edges and facilitate some finishing operations. When your company seeks superb honing services, contact BuntyLLC!

Lapping: Lapping, an abrasive machining process, relies upon tiny hard particles of grit positioned between a work piece and a spinning lap plate to help shape and finely polish metal. Rely upon BuntyLLC to assist your company in obtaining high quality lapping services!

Plasma Cutting: The controlled flow of some hot pressurized gases helps form a constricted plasma arc between an electrode and certain metal substrates. Plasma cutting offers many useful applications. Ask BuntyLLC to perform high quality plasma cutting services for your enterprise!

Laser Cutting: Today, laser cutting often helps remove excess material from flat sheet metal, pipes, and other forms. Three types of lasers play especially significant roles during manufacturing: carbon dioxide lasers, laser microjets and fiber lasers. Ask the skilled team at BuntyLLC to assist you with laser cutting!

EDM Wire Cutting: High quality EDM wire cutting allows manufacturers to produce a variety of small, detailed metal prototypes cost-effectively and to work with some very exotic or hard materials, such as diamonds, corundum, carbides and graphite. When you seek outstanding precision EDM machining or wire cut EDM services, contact BuntyLLC for assistance.

CNC Milling: CNC Milling removes excess material from workpieces with the assistance of automated rotary cutters. This process helps shape and detail uniform workpieces, often quite rapidly. Ask BuntyLLC to supply all your milling needs in industrial manufacturing environments!

5-Axis CNC Machining: By using computerized machining equipment capable of reproducing cuts uniformly in a variety of angles, manufacturers today possess the ability to generate large volumes of complex parts in automated production environments. Rely on BuntyLLC’s advanced technology to assist you in obtaining high quality 5-Axis CNC Machining services!


Customized OEM Tools: Specially tailored original equipment manufacturer tools assist high quality parts fabrication. Count on BuntyLLC to produce both assembly tools and anti-mutilation tools to meet your firm’s specifications.

MRO Parts and Services: Efficient maintenance, repair and operation (“MRO”) services perform a critical role in modern manufacturing environments. An industrial assembly may require certain original equipment manufacturer components in order to function correctly. BuntyLLC offers valuable assistance locating and maintaining MRO inventories.

Reverse Engineering: Reverse engineering offers vital assistance to manufacturing companies seeking replacement parts and custom parts. BuntyLLC can furnish skilled reverse engineering services to help maintain the lifespan of critical legacy systems. We offer cost-effective solutions for metal parts manufacturing enterprises!

Built-to-Print Manufacturing: Built-to-print manufacturing involves a company furnishing a manufacturer with every detail about a proposed product, including specific work instructions and schematic drawings. This process enables a customer to retain total control over the final product. BuntyLLC welcomes built-to-print projects from customers seeking our manufacturing services! 

Parts Fabrication: This process involves the creation of metal parts from raw materials through processes such as cutting, bending and assembly. Rely on BuntyLLC for all your customized metal parts fabrication needs!

Welding: This type of assembly refers to the joinder of metal components into larger units. Manufacturers can choose to utilize several forms of welding, depending upon the types of metals and the extent of the weldments desired. Count on BuntyLLC for all your welding services!

Aluminum Welding: This process enables a welder to create a durable union between two or more pieces of aluminum by using an arc formed between a welding torch electrode and a weld site to fuse the metal together. Trust BuntyLLC’s excellent aluminum welding services!

Titanium in The Aerospace Industry: Light in weight and strong with good corrosions resistance, titanium and titanium alloys today enjoys high demand as constituent metals in aircraft and aerospace vehicles. BuntyLLC offers assistance to aviation and aerospace design firms seeking titanium alloy expertise!


Tooling: The ability to obtain the manufacturing components and machines required for production constitutes tooling. A wide array of devices (including molds, dies, jigs and fixtures) permit metal parts fabrication in modern high volume production settings. When your enterprise requires tooling assistance, contact BuntyLLC for knowledgeable assistance!

Jigs: These devices assist manufacturing by helping to maintain work pieces in an optimal position during the tooling process. They facilitate the use of assembly lines in some settings. When you require fine customized jigs, call upon BuntyLLC for assistance!

Fixtures: A stationary manufacturing aid intended to assist the fabrication process by providing physical support, yet not designed to help actively shape or form the work piece. Manufacturers have devised a wide array of fixtures. Rely on BuntyLLC for skilled assistance with industrial fixtures!

Pins: Many different types of industrial pins and fastening systems help manufacturers align, couple and join industrial parts. Trust BuntyLLC to help your company obtain superbly manufactured industrial pins!

Rollers: These devices consist of revolving cylinders which facilitate tooling and machining. Fabricators use rollers to help press, shape, or smooth material. Rely on BuntyLLC for assistance obtaining or designing industrial rollers!

Springs: These elastic devices will tolerate various levels of distortion, and return to their original shape upon release. Engineers have invented a wide variety of industrial springs. Your company can depend upon BuntyLLC to assist you in manufacturing or utilizing high quality springs and other assembly components!


Heat TreatingHeat treating processes change the physical properties of metals. The transformation depends upon many factors, including the metal’s composition and the type and duration of the heat treatment and cooling processes. Ask BuntyLLC to help you harden metal or soften it via high quality annealing or tempering!

Annealing: In metallurgy, the process of annealing involves re-heating metals to designated temperatures for specific time intervals, and then allowing the material to gradually cool again at room temperatures to restore ductility and reduce brittleness. BuntyLLC offers excellent annealing services. Contact us for assistance!

Normalizing: A specialized low-cost form of annealing, the process of normalizing helps create ductile steels and other ferrous metals with refined internal grain structures. It involves heating the metal to designated temperatures and then cooling it slowly at room temperature. BuntyLLC performs high quality normalizing. Call us for assistance!

Stress Relieving: This technique involves re-heating a metal part to a temperature well below the critical re-crystallization point and “soaking” it for a sustained period of time at that temperature. Subsequently, the manufacturer gradually cools the part. BuntyLLC can offer valuable assistance in performing this technique!

Quenching: This process often involves immersing hot metal in a bath of water or oil in order to promote rapid cooling. Quenching causes steel to harden. BuntyLLC assists customers in obtaining high quality metal quenching services!

Tempering: Heat treating steel by tempering can soften the metal (by reheating at a lower temperature and allowing it to cool), or can also harden steel (by reheating a work piece and then cooling it in oil). Whenever you require high quality steel tempering services, contact Bunty LLC!

Induction Hardening: This type of heat treatment uses an electric current and a magnetic field to heat metallic surfaces internally and alter the surface. Count on Bunty LLC’s induction hardening services to help create cost-effective metal components!

Case Hardening: Metallurgists use heat treatment and carburizing to transform the exterior of a ferrous metal alloy, causing it to become hardened and wear resistant while the interior remains ductile and capable of absorbing stress. Rely on BuntyLLC for all your case hardening needs!

Carburizing: Carburizing enables metal parts manufacturers to harden the surfaces of iron or steel parts through the addition of carbon. Today this process typically involves the use of gases or plasmas under carefully controlled temperature conditions. BuntyLLC assists companies seeking carburization services!

Nitriding: The nitriding process diffuses nitrogen into the exterior of a steel work piece to help create a tough, abrasion-resistant surface. Ask BuntyLLC to assist your company in obtaining durable, high quality case hardening services, including nitriding. We assist companies in producing parts with enhanced wear and fracture resistance! 

Plasma Nitriding: Modern metal parts manufacturers sometimes use the process of plasma nitriding to harden the exterior of steel components. With the assistance of a controlled electrical charge within a vacuum environment, they temper the surface of the metal using nitrogen ions. Rely on BuntyLLC’s superb plasma nitriding technology!


Powder Coating: This popular form of surface treatment enables manufacturers to add desired qualities to the exteriors of metal parts. For example, powder coating may enhance appearance and surface durability. BuntyLLC offers highly cost-effective finishing services: contact us for assistance in performing powder coating!

E-Coating: During this finishing process, a manufacturer employs an electrical current to bind a substrate to the surface of a metal part. E-coating may enhance corrosion resistance and promote stronger paint hardening and surface attachment. Depend on BuntyLLC for all your e-coating services!

Anodizing: Using a nonferrous metal workpiece as the anode of an electrolytic cell allows manufacturers to create harder, porous surfaces. This finishing process helps prime many metals to accept paints, dyes or sealants. Rely on BuntyLLC’s anodizing services!

Galvanizing: During this finishing treatment, a metal parts manufacturer coats the surface of iron or steel with a layer of zinc. Galvanization helps delay rusting. Count on BuntyLLC to help your enterprise galvanize metal components cost-effectively!

Chromate Conversion Coating: Many companies today offer proprietary chromate conversion coating formulations to modify the surfaces of certain metal parts. Products electroplated with zinc or cadmium, or composed of aluminum or magnesium alloys frequently benefit from this process. Ask BuntyLLC for expert chromate conversion coating assistance!

Blueing: The conversion blueing process helps coat damaged metal surfaces in an aesthetically pleasing way. It typically results from a chemical reaction which covers steel with a characteristic attractive blue-to-black colored sheen. Rely on BuntyLLC to assist you with blueing, browning and other metal surface treatments!

Black Oxide: Resulting from chemical reactions between metal surfaces and conversion coatings, black oxide coatings offer benefits such as improved corrosion resistance. Many modern manufacturers utilize this process. BuntyLLC helps customers obtain high quality black oxide coatings!

TiN Coating: This attractive golden-hued surface coating helps protect metal parts more effectively from erosion and scratching. Proprietary titanium nitride coatings may also help parts better resist the impact of friction in hot, harsh environments. Rely on BuntyLLC for all your TiN coating needs!

Urethane Coating: These industrial chemical coating consist of volatile organic compounds connected via urethane linkages. Manufacturers apply them to help protect a wide variety of finished structures and components from corrosion and weather damage. For assistance with these coatings, contact BuntyLLC!

Trivalent Chromium Plating: This surface treatment may alter the color of a metal part’s exterior, in addition to improving corrosion and scratch resistance. Manufacturers use chromium sulfate or chromium chloride to plate the surfaces of metal parts. BuntyLLC offers dependable trivalent chromium plating services!

Laser Engraving: Today manufacturers often utilize fiber lasers to remove material from parts in a controlled, systematic process. Removal begins at the surface and extends for a designated depth. Count on BuntyLLC’s high quality laser engraving services during the production of metal components!

Laser Etching: Considered a subset of laser engraving, laser etching relies upon a laser to modify the surface of a work piece permanently. Using a laser, a manufacturer melts areas of the surface of a part selectively. BuntyLLC offers skilled, competitively priced computer assisted laser etching services!

Laser Marking: This finishing process enables manufacturers to indelibly mark parts without removing any material from the work piece and without relying upon inks or solvents. A laser discolors the surface of a metal component permanently. Rely on BuntyLLC for cost-effective laser marking services!


Magnesium Extruded Parts: Extrusion allows the generation of uniform lightweight magnesium alloy components. Ask BuntyLLC to assist you with this technology!

Continuous Casting: This process enables manufacturers to generate steel billets in high volumes during ongoing production. Manufacturers pour molten steel through a tundish and water-cooled molds. A continuous sloping column of metal forms with the help of gravity. Rely on BuntyLLC’s assistance for all your continuous casting operations!

Die Cast MagnesiumParts manufacturers have learned how to employ magnesium alloys in the die casting process to generate small lightweight work pieces in high volumes. Count on BuntyLLC’s excellent magnesium die casting services to assist your enterprise!

Aerospace Magnesim: Alloys of magnesium today perform important roles in aerospace applications. Magnesium provides a lightweight structural metal; its use may help promote reduced fuel consumption. Count on BuntyLLC to help your firm obtain expertise in this specialized field!


Carbon Fiber: Today manufacturers around the world include carbon fibers in an array of products. Ask Bunty LLC to assist you with every aspect of carbon fiber engineering!

Lightweight Composites: Proprietary composite materials permit manufacturers to accomplish design goals in creating lightweight parts for a multitude of purposes. You can depend upon BuntyLLC to assist you with lightweight composite manufacturing programs!

Secondary Services

Secondary services create finished metal components. Rely on BuntyLLC’s exceptionally well-equipped facilities and talented staff to obtain attractive, marketable metal parts. We take great pride in providing our customers with individual assistance in order to help them select the best finishing and machining options for their high quality, cost-effective metal components.

Metal Stamping Services: Our metal stamping services will emboss the exterior of parts with desired patterns, shapes, letters or numbers. Allow BuntyLLC to help you generate attractive products in an automated, high production volume environment.

Progressive Die Stamping: Progressive die stamping uses various stamping techniques, typically automated through a series of workstations, to form metal parts using sheet metal for numerous industries today. This process can generate high volumes at cost-effective prices. Let BuntyLLC’s expertise support all your progressive die stamping needs.

Coating Services: Today, manufacturers often require the use of several coatings to create finished parts. Our company can apply a variety of powders and coatings to complete the exterior of metal parts and help them resist corrosion or marking more effectively. BuntyLLC will adhere to customer specifications while maintaining quality control processes to meet the demands of accurate, high volume production. 

Plating Services: We coat portions of the surface of metal parts with a layer of another metal to create a desired exterior finish; this process may enable one surface of a particular part to display desired characteristics, such as a high luster or greater electrical or thermal conductivity. Rely on BuntyLLC’s extensive experience and impressive industrial resources to achieve the precise plated surfaces your products require to perform competitively in the marketplace.

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From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina.

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