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CNC Machining

Custom Machined Parts

Fabricating parts by machining is generally more cost effective when outsourced to a custom parts manufacturer with the machinery, the skills, and the core competency within its business model to produce parts of any type on short notice. Manually operated machines including drill presses, lathes, grinding machines and the like, remain very much in use for custom parts and prototyping.

CNC machines come into play for more complex parts, for mass production, and whenever there is a need for extreme accuracy and part repeatability. CNC machines typically combine several types of machine tools, and place them all under computer control. CNC machines work by a subtractive process, removing metal as they proceed.

The 5 most common types of CNC machines:

  • CNC Mills
  • CNC Lathes
  • CNC Routers
  • CNC Plasma Cutters
  • CNC Laser Cutters

A major advantage of a CNC machine is that it can be used 24/7 for 365 days a year, if necessary, to produce a part or a series of parts, thousands of times. A further advantage is that CNC machine operators do not require the same experience and skill levels as operators of manually operated machines. 

CNC machines can be quite expensive, but when properly maintained, they can pay for themselves many times over.

Another computer controlled method is additive manufacturing, where parts are produced by adding material one layer at a time.

This process, commonly referred to as 3D printing, has come into widespread use. It relies on CAD files and can produce exact copies of extremely complex parts to a degree of precision down to the nanometer level.


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