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Bunty, LLC in Greenville, SC: Manufacturing High Quality Custom Parts

Bunty, LLC in Greenville, SC:
Manufacturing High Quality Custom Parts


Today, Bunty, LLC serves customers across the United States and around the world. We help firms seeking assistance manufacturing custom machined, forged, cast and plated metal parts and components. Whether you require rapid production capabilities, or knowledgeable consultation and engineering services, you can depend on our firm!

Our company maintains facilities in lovely Greenville. Since opening our business in 2000, we’ve become a familiar, respected name within our industry across the South East. Businesses and entrepreneurs frequently draw upon our expertise to help develop new products for commercial prototyping and mass distribution. Yet we also provide critical inspection and warehouse services in an international capacity, too. We’ve evolved from a small local manufacturing concern in the Carolinas into a company of genuinely global stature!


A Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service

With strong ties to Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg and other communities in South Carolina, our company offers some of the most competitive prices in Upstate South Carolina and the entire Southern United States. Our success stems from our primary objective: providing superb customer service. Individual entrepreneurs and established businesses alike trust us to help them engineer and develop prototypes for a competitive global marketplace. We also manufacture large production runs of metal parts for customers.

What elements of our business enable us to furnish such outstanding support? We’ve identified several vital aspects contributing to our unbeatable service. Five conceptual pillars support this goal:

Extensive Experience And Product Knowledge

You can count upon Bunty, LLC to supply a high level of product knowledge and expertise. Our extensive experience in the metal parts manufacturing field equips us to fabricate parts for a variety of different industries. We also help customers by offering valuable consultations upon request. Utilizing our expertise may help manufacturing companies avoid costly production mistakes. For example, if your firm requires assistance developing modern fabrication facilities, we represent a useful resource. We seek to couple the impressive production capabilities of a large manufacturer with the versatility and agile responsiveness of a fully streamlined enterprise. We regard every customer as important. Harness our experience and product knowledge to assist your enterprise!

Tailored Solutions

We supply customized business solutions to problems large and small. You can rely on us to honor your request for individually tailored components at competitive rates. We’ll assist you in choosing the most effective strategies and processes to fit your specifications and available budget. If desired, we can also aid customers by helping them select the best metals and metal alloys and manufacturing processes to comply with product requirements. Our Greenville facility possesses state-of-the-art resources to ensure customers of all sizes obtain useful, highly individualized assistance.

High Quality Products

Bunty, LLC delivers high quality metal components to customers in a number of sectors, including the food processing, automotive, and energy industries. We routinely work with a variety of metals and metal alloys during the process of parts design and fabrication. We maintain a well-equipped modern production facility which employs some cutting edge metalworking systems and tools. Ask us to generate metal components meeting your exacting specifications! We strive to supply our customers with products which meet or exceed their quality expectations.

Meticulous Manufacturing Process and Process Control Protocols

Our robust production capabilities enable us to produce large runs of high quality metal parts rapidly for customers. We offer complete fabrication services, as well as inspection, prototyping, reverse engineering, obsolescence management, part redesign and inventory management assistance. We’ll strive to meet narrow production windows and accommodate tight turnaround times to help your company meet its deadlines; if we cannot accommodate your schedule, we’ll let you know in advance. Our meticulous adherence to manufacturing and process control protocols pleases customers seeking rigorous metal parts fabrication services. Let us assist you at every stage of the industrial component manufacturing process, from prototype creation to the finishing of parts generated during large production runs!

Efficient Management

Bunty, LLC works hard to reduce customer costs and facilitate fast deliveries. Ask us to help you produce competitively priced, high quality products for your customers. We can assist businesses seeking to outsource or offshore some manufacturing responsibilities while still maintaining robust quality control and intellectual property security standards. Our adherence to lean, efficient management protocols makes our firm a very attractive manufacturing solution for new product development. We offer fast prototype production turnaround times and volume discounts.



Contact us to obtain well qualified, experienced assistance whenever you seek to design, develop, manufacture or reverse engineer metal parts. We offer services at every manufacturing stage, as well as comprehensive engineering and consulting resources. Make our firm your go-to destination for machined, forged, cast and plated components.

Bunty, LLC possesses the skills and facilities required to help your company optimize its manufacturing capabilities. Call upon our expertise when your business seeks to establish new plants and manufacturing programs, upgrade existing fabrication settings, or optimize your risk management protocols. Our company may suggest ways to help automate and streamline your production capabilities, for instance. We strive to offer a full line of valuable, timely services to help metal parts manufacturing companies meet the demands of a developing global economy.


Our Commitment to You!

Providing superb customer service lies as the very heart of our business. Bunty, LLC has succeeded by enabling our customers to excel. We hope you’ll consider us one of your most valuable metal parts manufacturing contacts.

We look forward to serving your enterprise soon. Please feel free to contact us online on a 24/7 basis via the convenient website form or by email to request individualized assistance. You may also reach our customer support personnel by phone at 864-990-0762.


For further information about our services, contact us via the convenient website form or submit a request for quote directly.

We welcome your inquiries. 

About us

From a contract manufacturing firm, BuntyLLC evolved into a full service custom machined, forged and cast metal parts fabrication enterprise. We supply global solutions from our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina.

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