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Why Bunty

Why BuntyLLC?

Manufacturing occurs on a global scale. Competitors are no longer confined to a city block, zip code, area code, city, region, or country. As consumers become more aware of price, large OEMs are forced to streamline supply chains, rationalize their supply base, and reduce cost, while trying to maintain high levels of quality and proper delivery.

OEM’s no longer make parts, choosing to concentrate on assembly, product development, and marketing. OEM’s have reduced their supply chain to large Tier 1 suppliers, requiring them to provide completed assemblies (complete drive train, engine and transmission system, etc).

Tier 1 and Tier II suppliers are given more parts to manage, forcing them to seek out small businesses to help them with component production.

Small manufacturers need to have low overheads, respond quickly to engineering changes, and provide components at mass-production level prices.

BuntyLLC has developed its business model to be flexible and adaptive. Instead of capital investments, BuntyLLC concentrated on partnership development, leveraging the excess capacity of low cost suppliers and concentrating on providing complete solutions, BuntyLLC has become a service-oriented company geared toward providing complete solutions to any customer.

BuntyLLC has the production capacity of large manufacturers, but the overhead and flexibility of a small business; positioning itself to deliver maximum value to its stakeholders.

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